Leave a Lasting Impression with Your Logo Designs

What you see, you buy! This marketing strategy has never become obsolete and the modern marketing requirements prove it so very right. The logo of any website is very much important to its success. It is not just a preface to the entire organization but at the same time it is also a marketing tool. This is the interfaced between your organization and the user. The logo should be powerful enough to attract the users and to impel them to navigate your pages. For the same reason there are certain parameters that a website must qualify in order to leave a lasting impression.


This is one of those features that most of the websites completely ignore. If you opt for something too flashy or complicated to understand, it would definitely irk the users. The logo should be simple and it should be easily understood. The logo designs if complicated would be difficult to remember too. The marketing strategies should always be focused in making things simple for the user as your product would eventually be used by a layman, so decide accordingly!


A logo should be self-explanatory and certainly you cannot and should not provide any footnotes to explain it! A logo should be sufficient in it to pass the message of the entire organization and should be very clear with the organizational intent. This way the logo would be able to leave a lasting impression. You should try incorporating those pictures or text that is closely related to your organization’s concept.

Uniqueness Scalability:

The logo designs should also be very scalable as this is what makes these logos universal for a particular website. Your logo should be able to retain its shape and features in case it is subjected to the following changes due to UI integration:

• Free transform: In case your website has pages where the logo needs to be used as a watermark or there would be sections where the website logo needs to be present as a background element to certain UI elements, you need to be sure of the fact that the logo image responds evenly at all places.
• Change of color scale: The change of color scale is one such test that not most of the logos passes. Imaging a watermark that flattens a logo image to appear in grayscale mode, completely changes the appearance of that logo! Yes, it is very much possible and therefore you need to have a robust logo which could withstand all of these issues.

Leave a Lasting Impression with Your Logo Designs


The logo should be designed in agreement with the following parameters:
• Resolution: The resolution of the website’s logo is also a major concern. There are many where the logo starts to blur and lose its sharpness with an increase in size. The logo once designed, would be used at way too many places, more that you can imagine and therefore you need to have a logo which has a high resolution.
• Color magnitude: This implies that the number of colors used in an image should be under a specific limit. The screen hardware has a set limit of colors that it can sustain. This number differs in case of mobile phones and is different for computer screens. Thus these color magnitude specifications should be decided in a way that the compatibility issues do not arise.