Plesk Web Hosting – Web Hosting with Plesk Control Panel

Plesk is a popular control panel for those who are a bit more experienced with web hosting and server administration. The general consensus on Plesk is that it is powerful and flexible but requires a bit more know-how to use than Cpanel or Direct Admin.

People say it has less security loops and is the most secure of the control panels available. Plesk has four levels of administration: Server administrator, client(reseller), domain owner, and e-mail user. Each of these levels have different security points assigned to them so defining roles with Plesk is not an issue. Plesk also has extensive documentation about their software on both past and present versions and has a knowledgebase of common questions that are asked. All the basic functions you’d expect in a control panel are there plus a few extra advanced functions for server administrators.

The downside of Plesk is that most people agree that it has higher server requirements to run than most other panels. Those who have experience with this software say a server with 512MB Ram is a minimum just to run Plesk. If you wish to run other applications while running Plesk at the same time, then at least 1GB is highly recommended. Plesk is not a recommended option for entry servers that cost around $50 per month. It is made for the more high-end servers that can handle its resource demands. Plesk can be used on both linux or windows and there are basic and plus software versions for each platform. Plesk has one-time and monthly licensing options to suit your budget and the costs of Plesk software is comparable to the cost of Cpanel software. Plesk also offers service, support, and installation service at an additional price. If you want the advanced server managed options and have a server that can handle Plesk, this control panel may be worth looking at.