Three Things That India Can Outsource from US

Everybody’s making a hue and cry about outsourcing businesses and jobs to India. Even US treasury secretary Timothy Geithner made two very contradictory statements about outsourcing. First he said, “If you look at the ratio of challenges and opportunities, we have remarkably few challenges and a lot of opportunities.” at a CII seminar in New Delhi. Later, he went on to say that “Outsourcing would make us (USA) weaker not stronger.” So, I guess, he needs to make up his mind about outsourcing. And so it seems, the rest of USA.

So, maybe we should think up things that India can outsource from US for a change. Here are four things that I would like outsourced to India.

Politeness: Americans are very, very polite and friendly. They smile a lot and ask you how you are doing when they see you. Even when they don’t exactly know you. That’s downright charming and very amicable. Whereas in India, people pretend to just see through you in public places. Indians can definitely learn to be friendlier in public.

Also, people don’t usually cut queues in US and they are more accommodating of senior citizens and small children in America. This polite attitude can be definitely outsourced to India.

Road sense: Americans respect traffic rules a lot better than in India, where most people aren’t even aware of what road signs actually mean. It is quite a challenge to drive through Bangalore traffic ( the F1 course would seem a much safer drive!) and cyclists, motorists and car drivers use every trick of the trade to get one inch closer to their destination, only to find themselves in a traffic jam that takes hours to unravel. Americans allow vehicles to go in turns at unmanned intersections and even slow down when people cross the road (something you can never even imagine in India!). That behavior is definitely something that needs to be outsourced to India from the US

Civic sense: In US, most people take the effort to throw trash in the garbage bin; whereas in India, the highway is usually everyone’s trash can. Also, Americans are great at preserving their culture and heritage. Every monument, every archeologically relevant location is maintained in pristine condition. People do not litter or spoil them. But in India, one look at the interiors of the Taj Mahal or the Golkonda Fort in enough to see how people have mindlessly inscribed names, littered and spoilt the history of this great country. A basic civic sense and respect for heritage can be definitely outsourced from the US.