Web Design

Website Design Perth and Management service for all of your needs at affordable prices. From a basic web page to a multimedia action page, synchronized and easy to navigate, we will design for YOUR taste. Cyndee Poole is also a Fine Artist which adds a spice to your pages. Taste preference, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder. Each person is unique as well as their tastes and ideas.

You can work with Cyndee to express your thoughts and she will design for your need and preferences. She works closely with you in the construction of your web site. Upon deposit, Cyndee will send you a link to specially designed color and font charts for you to choose your web sites’ color scheme. Or Cyndee will design it for you if you prefer. Caribe Designs will also manage your site allowing you to be comfortable with knowing your site is most effective in the optimal market, the internet.